IZNES is the result of a joint effort between
SETL and six major French Asset Managers

Ofi Asset Management
Groupama Asset Management
Lyxor Asset Management
Crédit Mutuelle Arkea
La Banque Postal Asset Management

Contributors to the IZNES platform

Relationship & Communication

Enjoy a direct & communicative relationship between management companies, investors & the various players in the ecosystem

Transparency & Security

Rely on highly secured control & oversight of a fund’s life cycle events


Save a lot of money on long & expensive Investment processes

Regulatory Context

Comply easily with complex taxation and heightened reporting requirements

Unique functionalities

Wide range of funds

thanks to the use of an efficient
fund creation and maintenance module

Fund valuation tool

which can be totally integrated

KYC module

allowing simple and cost-effective
management of KYC procedures

Complete reporting

meeting the needs of all parties (list of orders, inflow history, etc.)

Simplified management of securities transactions

with a complete securities transactions management module (coupon payment, etc.)

Easy trading

and smart order routing with a new functionality

Onboarding process

for clients filtered according to their function and different distribution channels

Tailored services for everyone

Management companies

Management companies

  • Client identification (KYC) and management of associated data
  • Reduced operational fees (KYC, order routing, transactions, etc.)
  • Reduced associated costs
  • Improved communication with clients
  • Improved product liquidity
  • Integratable solution (complete APIs)

Retail investors


  • Access to a wide range of fund units
  • Access to the products database and various reports
  • Fast and cost-effective investments
  • Access to a secondary market
  • Tax module

Institutional investors


  • Access to a wide range of funds
  • Complete tax reporting
  • Access to a secondary market
  • Reduced transaction fees
  • Integratable solution (complete APIs)

Distributors & Business

Distributors & Business providers

  • Reduced operational fees (KYC, order routing and transactions)
  • Reduced associated costs
  • Access to a wide range of funds
  • Management facilities by investor portfolio
  • Effective management of distribution fees and retrocessions
  • Integratable solution (complete APIs)

(custodians, auditors, valuers, etc.)

(custodians,auditors, valuers, etc.)

  • Simple and intuitive use of the tool
  • Access to a wide range of funds
  • Easy connection to the valuation tool
  • Integratable solution (complete APIs)

Our story

March – July 2017


A consortium of asset managers choses SETL as the technology provider for the solution. A first phase of development is completed leading to IZNES 1.0, a fully functional platform for record-keeping of funds.

September 2017

Official Launch & Roadshow

IZNES is officially launched and backed by 5 asset management companies. The solution is presented at the AFG in order to increase the number of participants. To this extent, a roadshow is organized, leading to the presentation of the solution to more than 30 asset management companies.

September – November 2017


In parallel of the roadshows, OFI Asset Management & SETL started integrating IZNES to pass real orders (subscriptions & redemptions) on two existing shares of funds. All the record-keeping was made by OFI Asset Management using IZNES and the orders were passed using IZNES’ APIs. This production phase enabled IZNES to be the first blockchain solution to handle end to end real transactions on existing shares of funds.

November 2017 – H1 2018

IZNES 2.0.

IZNES and a large number of asset management companies are working on IZNES 2.0. which will be in production by the end of H1 2018 for international investors for French and Luxembourgish funds.

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