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Investing in funds has never been so easy!

The Blockchain based pan-European platform for investment in UCITS units and recordkeeping compatible with all distribution channels

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Asset Managers
Simple and secure management of client on-boarding (KYC, LCB-FT, suitability and appropriateness)
Accumulated knowledge of funds composition and investors behaviour
Reduced risks and operational costs

Services that are in line with the needs of the market

Product Reference Data

A complete product base providing all the characteristics and documents.

Order Book

A real-time view of subscriptions and redemptions, respecting the prospectus cut-off hours.


A ledger registered in the blockchain and updated in real-time, ensuring immutability, traceability and auditability.

Simplification of the relationship between investors and asset managers

Clients Folder

Simplified, shared and secure management of the information and documents part of the client’s online folder.


Real-time monitoring of activity, customisable and exportable.

Secure Messaging

Onboarded messaging service that facilitates communication between users (e.g. notifications, letters to the shareholders)

Corporate Actions

Effective management of various corporate actions: dividend distribution, mergers & acquisitions and nominal divisions.


Tax reports automatically generated on the platform that are in line with the regulation

Regulatory Challenges

IZNES makes your transition imposed by new regulations easier


A team and user permissions management module

Traceability & GDPR

Information and communications are archived and auditable whilst complying with GDPR regulations

Operational Support

A dedicated team to assist and support you on IZNES.

Private Blockchain

A proprietary protocol that ensures the privacy of the users and their activities.


Achieved through REST APIs and exchange protocols with different market players

Resilience & Cybersecurity

SETL, the provider of the blockchain technology, is Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 27001 certified


The IZNES platform is backed by the SETL Blockchain technology.

This technology brings a substantial number of advantages over traditional solutions while meeting the requirements of the financial sector.

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Transactions per second

Dedicated proprietary protocol
Low energy consumption


Accounts simultaneously administered

No cryptocurrency or coins
Cyber Security and Cryptography Committee

IZNES is the result of a community that is constantly growing

IZNES received the PRIZE OF THE MOST INNOVATIVE PROJECT for 2018 at AM Tech Day!